Craft, creativity & passion

These are the key drivers for our success as we explore new ways of doing things and innovative ideas that will inspire and delight our consumers worldwide.

Innovation to inspire & delight

Our consumers in both mature and growing economies are very sensitive to new experiences and concepts. We want to be the ones who pleasantly surprise them with new products, new flavours, new packaging and new product concepts that will help them enjoy "sweeter" moments in their lives.

This is why research and development plays such an important strategic role at Perfetti Van Melle. Our central laboratories in Lainate (Italy) and Breda (The Netherlands), supported by local laboratories in various countries, are constantly researching new chewing gum and candy formulations as well as qualitative improvements to existing products.

Mentos NOWmints

Launched in 2013, NOWmints are a successful innovation from our Mentos candy brand in the sugar-free confectionery segment. Thanks to a new manufacturing technology, these mini mints are very smooth, providing a pleasant sensation as they're eaten.


NOWmints taste extremely fresh, thanks to a high percentage of xylitol in the sugar-free formulation. There are eight flavours in the range: eucamenthol, the strongest mint; Sweetmint, for a milder freshness; Spearmint, Peppermint and Licorice, for a traditional taste experience; and Orange, Strawberry and Berry for a fruity treat.



NOWmints come in a small metal box that’s desirable and has a premium status. This completely new packaging, developed for Mentos for the first time, has a cool and contemporary fashionable design. It is also very easy to carry around and to open.


NOWmints are currently available in Italy, France, Turkey and Canada; other markets will follow soon.


Chupa Chups Fruit Flavours Universe

Fruit Flavours Universe is a great innovation from Chupa Chups.

These lollipops get their outer-space name due to the coloured dots inside which provide an additional fruity flavour boost.


Fruit Flavours Universe lollipops are available in citrus, berry and tutti-frutti (only in Russia) flavours. Japan will also have melon soda and tropical mix banana flavours.

The coloured dots in the lollipop add an extra burst of strawberry, pineapple and blueberry flavours, giving the lollipop an out-of-this world taste sensation.


These lollipops are sold in the iconic Chupa Chups wheel in France and in display boxes and tins in Russia.


These lollipops are available in France, Russia and Japan.

Frisk chewing gum

Japanese consumers are now experiencing the new Frisk chewing gum.

The Frisk brand, with its compressed tablets, is well known in Japan and has been established there for decades.


The chewing gum contains the same ingredients as Frisk tabs, as well as additional unique ingredients that allow consumers to enjoy the long-lasting and irresistibly strong burst of Frisk freshness as they chew. The gum is available in peppermint flavour.


The packaging is unique and environmentally friendly: a stylish metal tin, with modern minimalistic graphics. What’s more, there are disposable post-it papers on the back of the packaging to wrap the gum in after chewing - a first for Perfetti Van Melle.


Frisk chewing gum is only available in Japan.


Mentos 45

Mentos 45 gives 45 minutes of long-lasting freshness.

The latest and most up-to-date technologies have created a gum whose freshness does not decrease over time – it delivers the unique benefit of 45 minutes of long-lasting freshness as you chew.

Mentos 45 comes in different gum formats: non-filled dragée, powder-filled dragée, slabs and strips.


Tested scientifically, the long-lasting freshness just keeps on going. Mentos 45 is available in peppermint and spearmint flavours.


Mentos 45 comes in a variety of packaging: big tin box, plastic bottle, wallet packs and flip-top boxes.


It is currently available in Germany, Italy and Greece.