Disciplinary measures

Our Group’s reputation for being an honest, fair and capable firm with which to do business is one of our most valuable assets we are determined to preserve.

Violations to the principles stated in the Code of Conduct and in the Company’s internal procedures compromise the trust between the Group and any person(s) who commits the violation (including managers, employees, consultants, contractors, customers, suppliers, business or financial partners).

Once a violation is ascertained, firm and immediate actions shall be taken against the offender(s), through appropriate and proportionate disciplinary measures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. When the violation constitutes a criminal offense, such measures shall be applied in addition to and regardless of the initiation of a criminal prosecution.

Disciplinary measures applied for violations of the Code of Conduct are adopted by the Company in accordance with applicable regulations and employment contracts stipulated at the national or company level. Such measures may include termination of employment.

To safeguard its image and protect its assets, the Group shall not entertain relations of any nature with parties who do not intend to act in strict compliance with applicable regulations, and/or who refuse to conform their behavior to the values and principles stated in the Code of Conduct.