Who is subject to the code of conduct?

Our Group’s reputation for being an honest, fair and capable firm with which to do business is one of our most valuable assets we are determined to preserve.

The Code of Conduct provisions apply, without exception, to all employees, managers, board members of the companies belonging to the Group, as well as to third parties who entertain business relations with the Group and its operating companies in all of the countries where the Group operates.

All employees are required to read the Code and to conform their conduct to the principles stated herein. Employees are also required to report any violations of this Code to the relevant persons/functions as indicated in greater detail in the last part of this document.

Compliance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct is considered an essential part of the contractual obligations of employees, and any person or entity conducting business with the Group.

The Management of the Group is responsible for making sure that this Code is distributed, explained to, and understood by, all Group employees. The Management must also ensure that the requirements of the Code of Conduct are met by all Group Operating Companies and Functional Departments.